Having been blessed with a very active and diverse life, 10 years of military service and a penchant for squeezing water from rocks, I created this website in an attempt to capture insights and observations as I transition to the life of a citizen.  A long time ago a senior pilot once explained his technique for overcoming a serious aircraft malfunction with the phrase: “when in doubt, lock it out”.  I was a young lieutenant at the time, and the phrase stuck with me.  While terrible advice for general aviation malfunctions (oh boy, the seat belt won’t fasten, quick!  Go to Lockout and melt the engines!), I found it quite befitting of life in general.  Too many times in life we find ourselves in a controlled decent, having tapped all conventional resources.  Why not throw the power levers of life into lockout and find unconventional solutions to arrest the impending incident (pilot diplo speak for crash).